Furniture case

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  Honyu have been cooperated with Natuzzi Group successfully since 2013. Honyu supplied with the sewing equipment, technology and after-sales service. Through the technology cooperation, Honyu developped more thatn 10 types of machine, such as the HY-550-12-1510 (program control differential ruffling sewing machine), HY-1760L (post-bed double needle compound feed sewing machine), HY-1510VF (single needle compound feed sewing machine with cutter and trimmer). Honyu machine is used in the Shanghai factory and Italian factory, and got good comment from Nattuzi. Comparision with the Germany machine, they saved hundreds millon Euro of investment and keep continusly high return about the after-sales service.

  Customer brief introduction: Natuzzi Group is one of the famous furniture manufacturer in Italy, and the outstanding manufacturer in sofa industry all over the world.

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